The Children’s Cancer Research Group (CCRG)  was born as a result of the efforts of a committed group of parents of children stricken with cancer. Formed in 2003, the Group is dedicated to the prevention and cure of childhood cancer. The Group is comprised of parent volunteers, community professionals and staff. We donate 100% of all funds received to research being done on childhood cancers.

Why do we support Dr. Tebbi and his work? Some of us have lost our precious children to pediatric cancer. Some have our children with us today thanks to successful research - yet, we all realize that without ongoing critical, independent research - progress can not be made for tomorrow's children. Today - 1 in 316 will develop cancer before the age of 20. Source

CCRG is delighted to be affiliated with the 1Voice Foundation.


Our Core Group!

Tina Adkins, Walbridge

Mary Lou Cuellar

Ryan DeJong, COO, Firm Consulting Group

Prima Sarkis Demirdjian, Jagged Peak

Mary Ann Massolio, 1Voice Director

Michel Embry

Patricia Embry

Chad Horne

Steven Rom

Dr. Cameron Tebbi, Medical Director

        Contact Info:       email: CCRG INFO